Welcome in Sardegna

This is a site about Sardegna and of Sardegna people. Here you will find information about the 5 of Sardegna provinces:

It aims to spread the knowledge of a wonderful place rich of gorgeous beauties and of the people living there, which work and produce goods unique for taste and quality.

Benvenuti in Sardegna

For each of the 377 of Sardegna towns several useful information are reported, like the full listing of the hotels and other accommodations available in the town and its neighborhood, the name, surname and charges of the members on the town council and the listing of the local companies.

The full listing of the banks is also available, as well as the ZIP code or even the ZIP codes of the streets if the town has street ZIP code. You will find also the listing of the local churches and the listing of the ten most common local surnames, along with the possibility to search any surname even knowing just a part of the surname.

For each ctown you will find the full listing of the pharmacies and parapharmacies, several kinds of maps also with 3D imaging, the weather forecasting up to five days, the listing of the schools, some useful statistics and a selection of videos about the town.

You are also allowed to look at the advertisers for that town.